SMARS was prominently featured at the recent Marshall FlyIn with our communications trailer. Identification of SMARS was easy with the banner prominently displayed.  Activities such as this are ways for SMARS to get local recognition.
We would like to see more photos displayed in Feedback. If you have some pictures of fellow members or people in interesting activities send them to Feedback. The best way would of course be by e-mail, but anyway will work -- carrier pigeon, hot air balloon, or even US Mail. Whatever! Those of you who have access to e-mail might check the online version of Feedback.  You'll see that there is a difference. The W8DF site contains material not in the newsletter and links to other sources.
Amateur Radio needs support in Congress and one of the ways to get it is for each of you to make contact with your Representative or Senator for support. Did you write to your Representative asking for support to HB 462? DO IT NOW! As Jim, K8JE, explains in a column in this paper, every bit is important and gets to where it is needed.


    October is Fire Prevention Month, and Dave Kellogg, KC8NZY will be presenting a lecture and a video about fires safety materials at our September 2007 meeting.


    I wish to thank all of you who participated in the Marshall Fly/Drive-In on Saturday September 8.  It was a worthwhile endeavor and I believe gave us some exposure to those unfamiliar with Amateur Radio.   The participants were:  Bill Booth, Jack Cox, John Davidson, Paul Goodin, Stephanie Halbert, Jim Holloway and Scott Spaulding,
Our appreciation to Jason Johnson for delivering the SMARS trailer to Marshall airport. Thanks to Marion Davidson who loaned us his truck (and convinced John to do the driving) to return the trailer to Gary Kyser's yard at the end of the day.
The  recently repaired TS-440S was wrung out even though we made only four
contacts. In spite of the disappointing propagation, we enjoyed the day. Maybe next year the HF bands will be more in our favor.
Ned Davis  WB4BKO

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