Your new officers for the coming year have been elected and will be operating the club.  The officers are:

Bill Booth, KD8CDS, president,
Norman (Ned) Davis, WB4BKO, vice- president,
John Davidson, KCC8WMM, secretary,
Elizabeth (Rene) Bush, KC8LSI, treasurer,
Lewis (Lou) Ryason, WB8WXS, past president.

    Included in this issue of Feedback is an article by Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, the ARRL Club News Letter editor.  I hope that each of you will take the time to read it and then sit back and think about what has been written.

    Those using the 220 repeater in the normal way have noticed the increased capability and usage of the repeater.  Don Larkin, W8RVT, has installed Echolink on the repeater and this has enabled hams with computers to get on 220 locally.  The contact with Don when he was in California recently was certainly different - he on computer, me on a 220 handheld! Try it it's fun!

    We've continued our information series on batteries that we as hams use. As more information becomes available the series will be continued but for now, that's it!


     WA8UYW, the Morning Mayor of Battle Creek has announced that he is semi-retiring. We aren't certain which half is retiring, but we'll pay attention to the other half.  Dave Eddy's voice on WBCK has been a staple for many years and will be missed by many. All his listeners think of Dave as a close personal friend even if they never physically met him.

     Over the years, members of SMARS have had his voice announcing ham activities.  He has interviewed several of us helping to publicize events like Field Day.  His radio nonprofessional activities such as net control for the old Six-Meter Net with the clunking rotator gave credence to his amateur ticket.

     Dave always has been in the thick of community programs sometimes as the EmCee, other times as a participant.  Battle Creek will probably not allow Dave to stagnate in solitude very long. We expect to see him and hear his voice many times promoting activities.


     Normally this month would be the last issue of Feedback mailed out to members who have not renewed or taken the necessary steps in the case of life mnembers.  However, due
to some communication errors, some members have not been credited with their renewal. Please check on your mailing label. The upper right hand corner should contain the numbers 08 if you've paid your dues. If it shows 07, you've not been credited and need to see the treasurer about the renewal.

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