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S.M.A.R.S Local Nets

Southern Michigan Amateur Radio Society

Remember that the 220 and 440 repeaters are linked together and are accessible via Echo link.

Sunday: 2 meter net at 8pm on 146.660 fm

Tuesday: SKYWARN net at 7pm on 147.12 offset +600KHz. PL=186.2
Monday: 220/440 net at 8pm 224.240(-1.6 MHz) / 443.950 MHz

Wednesday: 220/440 net at 7pm 443.950 fm
Wednesday: 10 meter net at 8pm 28.365 usb

Saturday: 220/440 net at 8pm 443.950 fm

Monday - Friday BLB round table at 11:30am 146.660 fm