Several announcements have been sent in from various sources this month and we've included much of them in the form they were sent.

The copy of HB462 is of most importance to our hobby. Read what it is all about and write to your congressman stating support to that bill. Send a copy to K8JE our Great Lakes Division Director. The handiest way to send support is by e-mail. K8JE's address is in QST and your congressman's can be found on the net by going to

The Great lakes Convention will be coming up next month, but we include that information this month to allow planning. It promises to be very interesting. The Hamfest might be very good also.

There is an announcement of a Fly-In at the Marshall airport on September 8 and our club has been invited to set up an operating station there. The SMARS Board has accepted the invite and will use one of our mobile units for that event.  The station is planned to operate from 8 AM to 4 PM.  What with a pancake breakfast and airplanes galore, that should stir up a few members of SMARS to be there operating as well as eating!


    Ned, WB4BKO, has arranged for our entertainment this month, one of the more knowledgeable members of our ARRL team.

    W. Wallace Murray KE8HR, the ARRL Michigan Technical Coordinator, will be our guest speaker at the August 16, 2007 SMARS meeting.  He will be lecturing on several topics that are of interest to many of us  It sounds like this will be an interesting and informative meeting.  We  hope all members can attend.

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